Brand Update FAQ

In 2023 the Foundation updated our brand and name to Midwest Methodist Foundation.

The Foundation serves an increasingly diverse group of clients, and the new name recognizes the broader reach of the Foundation since our inception in 1949.


Are other United Methodist Foundations changing?

Yes. There are more than 40 foundations affiliated with the annual conferences of the denomination. Like Wespath (the General Board of Pension and Health Benefits, a general agency of The United Methodist Church), several United Methodist Foundations have also updated their brands and names. For example, Faith Foundation Northwest was Northwest United Methodist Foundation.


Is the Foundation leaving the United Methodist connection?

No. The Foundation is a member of the National Association of United Methodist Foundations (NAUMF). In fact, the NAUMF is an Illinois corporation, and the Foundation’s executive is NAUMF’s registered agent. The Foundation’s executive is also an ordained elder in the UMC, and all current Foundation directors are members of UM churches.


How is the Foundation doing financially?

Our finances are strong. We concluded 2023 with $94 million under management, invested across nearly 700 accounts. The Foundation concluded 2023 with $4.7 million in net assets.


Did the Foundation merge with another foundation?

No. We’re the same independent 501(c)(3) public charity that we have been since 1949 when we were Methodist Foundation of Rock River Conference.


Will our accounts change?

No. The way we manage your investments remains the same. For information about investments, visit the Investment Overview page. The only change you will notice, when the change takes place, is our new logo at the top of forms and statements.


So, the Foundation has a new logo, a new name, and brighter colors, but things remain the same?

Yes. Think of auto racing. Since 1949 race cars have changed dramatically in design and technology but not in function. They still have four wheels and an engine, and they still have humans driving them and working together as a team. The Foundation will celebrate 75 years in October 2024. We still drive in the same “race,” to borrow a term from the Apostle Paul (1 Cor 9:24), and we’re committed to driving the most updated vehicle we can!