On April 29, 2021, UMF president Chris Walters and investment advisor Jim Lumberg hosted a video presentation, “Investing lessons from a really difficult year,” to discuss the first quarter of 2021. Please feel free to share this video with whomever you feel will benefit.

During the Q&A time after the presentation, participants highlighted several topics of interest to local churches. See below after the video timeline for more information.

Segment Time Segment Content
00:00​ – 01:29​ Introduction
01:29​ – 04:05 Value of Staying the Course
04:05​ – 05:25 Benefits of Diversification
05:25​ – 07:36​ Periodic Table of Investment Returns
07:36 – 08:13 Model Allocations
08:13 – 09:51 Model Fund Performance as of March 31, 2021
09:51 – 12:20 Three Simple Rules as Investment Practice
12:20 – 14:52 Measuring Portfolio Returns in New Ways
14:52 – 15:25 Conclusion
  • How many churches invest through the Foundation?
    • Currently the Foundation manages approximately $90 million:
      • 118 churches have investment accounts
      • 14 agencies have investment accounts
      • 32 churches benefit from permanent funds owned by the Foundation
      • 200+ charitable gift annuities for approximately 170 annuitants
      • Several grants and scholarship funds, donor advised funds, charitable remainder trusts, and other funds owned by the Foundation.
  • How can we (local church) better resource people within the church for leadership?
  • What is UPMIFA?
    • Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act is state law (similar laws in 48 other states) governing the management of endowment funds. The principles of UPMIFA provide excellent guidance for local churches managing long-term funds that are often called “endowments” but are not “true” endowments. See this excellent article from the National Council of Nonprofits for more information on this distinction.
  • Can communicating more effectively and broadly about the Foundation’s ESG investment strategies encourage donors?
    • Yes! See the PDFs on the top of the Investment Overview page of this website. The Foundation is working on more concise and distributable materials with share with individuals. The Foundation also has access to numerous excellent resources for print through our Crescendo Interactive subscription. See the Crescendo website here for examples and contact the Foundation office to learn more about how we can assist your local church in this regard.