On July 29, 2021, UMF investment advisor Jim Lumberg of SouthCol Advisors, LLC, presented the second quarter market review, “Same, but different.”

During the Q&A time after the presentation, participants asked a few questions. See below after the video timeline for more information.

Segment Time Segment Content
00:00​ – 00:28​​ Introduction
00:28​ – 01:28 Stock Markets Year to Date 2021
01:28​ – 02:18 S&P 500 Sector Performance
02:18​ – 03:30 Bonds: 10-year Treasury Yield
03:30 – 04:14 Market Forces to Watch
04:14 – 05:47 Market Forces to Watch: Vaccines
05:47 – 07:04 Market Forces to Watch: Corporate Earnings
07:04 – 08:04 Market Forces to Watch: Fed Policy
08:04 – 10:55 Market Forces to Watch: Stimulus and Infrastructure
10:55 – 11:27 UMFNIC Model Allocations
11:27 – 12:19 Performance as of June 30, 2021
  • How does the Foundation compare its portfolios to benchmarks?
    • The Foundation’s investment models are currently constructed with seven underlying portfolios. Please visit the Investment Performance Reports page to view the latest monthly report that contains all of the benchmark information.
    • Watch the video on the Investment Overview page to learn about how the models are constructed.
  • How much are newer technologies being incorporated in the portfolios, such as electric vehicles, solar power, etc.?
    • The Foundation’s funds take a sector-neutral approach to aligning with the benchmarks while screening out objectionable companies, such as coal companies, and screening in companies that rate more highly than their peers on ESG factors, such as regarding lower carbon emissions and use of green technology.
  • The energy sector was the worst performing sector last year but is the best performing sector so far this year, what caused that?
    • This dynamic with the valuations of energy stocks is related to the dramatic drop in demand last year with the pandemic shutdowns and then the swift recovery due to vaccines, stimulus spending, and pent up demand.